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The American Medical Student Research Journal was created by medical students to give future physician-scientists the opportunity to develop the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in academia and clinical practice. Our journal is authored, reviewed, and edited by medical students working under the guidance of faculty mentors. We believe that enhancing exposure to academic research through the development of analytic appraisal skills in the peer review process will enrich the conventional medical curriculum. Furthermore, we are dedicated to promoting interest in future career research through recognizing the scientific accomplishments of medical students across the country. We are seeking notable articles, of which a medical student is the primary author, which meet excellence in research standards. We accept submissions from MD/DO candidates from all over the world.



The ability to analyze, criticize, and use research in practice is essential to success as a physician. As progress in evidence-based medicine is driven by research, the focus of research integration into the medical school curriculum is increasing exponentially.

We encourage you to enrich your medical education through the pursuit of publication in an academic journal. By submitting to AMSRJ, your manuscript will compete against those of your peers, as opposed to those authored by practicing PhDs/MDs. Furthermore, we require that the medical student first author serve as the corresponding author in order to gain first hand familiarity with the academic review process.

The editors of AMSRJ and our thorough peer review process provides for a constructive submission process aimed at giving your research a fair chance for publication. Our review process timeline favors the submitting author with a guaranteed manuscript decision within one month of submission.

We are a forum for a community of your peers and future colleagues across the country to share not only their research, but opinion articles and experiential essays. Your voice is important and AMSRJ is your platform.

We are a non-profit organization that believes the road to progress in science and medicine is through an open and free exchange of ideas. This open access online publishing allows you unrestricted exposure and recognition for your work.


  1. Review our Focus and Scope
  2. Review our Author Guidelines
  3. Register as an author or Log In
  4. Follow the quick online submission process!


  1. Article submitted. Editor-in-Chief will do initial evaluation.
  2. Articles deemed entirely non-publishable material will be sent to AMSRJ Faculty Advisory Board Chair with the recommendation to reject outright.
  3. Articles considered possibly publishable will enter the review process with the assignment to a Section Editor. The assigned Section Editor will choose two student reviewers and a faculty advisor.
  4. Student Reviewers have 48 hours to decline to review article, but should decline as soon as possible if they are aware of conflicts in order to expedite re-assignment.
  5. Student reviewers individually assess article and send their review to Section Editor. Student reviewers have 2 weeks to complete their individual review.
  6. Section Editors will review article and associated comments to compile a preliminary peer review summary and letter to the author before arranging the Faculty Advisor review.
  7. Section Editor review and faculty assessment should take place promptly so that the entire initial review will be completed by one month after the submission.
  8. Section Editor incorporates Faculty Advisor comments into the completed review summary and finalizes the letter to the author.
  9. The Section Editor sends these documents to the Editor-in-Chief with the recommendation to conditionally accept pending revisions, accept with no revisions, revise and resubmit, or reject without the option to revise.
  10. Editor-in-Chief notifies the author of the editorial decision, and sends them the Section Editor recommendations if revisions are required.
  11. If the editorial decision is accepted pending required revisions, student author has one month to resubmit. Second review will be completed within four weeks.
  12. If the editorial decision is revise and resubmit, the resubmitted article will re-enter the usual review process with a decision delivered within one month. 


For more information on our reviewer policies, see our Peer Review Process.

AMSRJ ISSN: 2333-4096