A Scientific Approach to Preparation for Residency Interviews

Robert Brodell, David Crasto


Residency programs in the United States and Canada are faced with the difficult task of assessing and ranking applicants for the National Resident Matching Program. Grades, United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) scores, recommendations, and internet-based sources of information impact the decision to offer an interview. Once an on-site interview has been granted, this contact becomes central to the residency program’s goal of populating their residency with individuals who have the best chance of surviving and thriving and the applicant’s goal of gaining admission. Standardized, structured interviews, such as the behavioral based interview (BBI) ensure consistency in the style of questions and method of grading applicants.  Preparation for this style of interview will improve the odds of gaining acceptance to a program.  Applicants should use the same technique to evaluate the residency program and determine if it best fits their needs and aspirations.

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